The Job

 The Job: True Tales from the Life of a New York City Cop

By Steve Osborne

I’m from Arizona and very rarely we meet these interesting people that talk in a funny way  and are from New York. In fact my wife is from New “Yooork.”  I like to tease her about the way she says “a cup a cauffee.” Hearing her accent come through on the very rare occasion is always interesting to me  because I know there is a story behind it. Her accent always comes through when she talks about “cauffee” and I imagine sleepy New York mornings where the city is fueled by millions of these little cups of “cauffee.” I think there is something entrancing about people with accents telling stories. Some say the best stories are told with accents because it boosts the atmospherics and you are more immersed. This is the case with Steve Osborne’s book The Job.

I am not a police officer and I am definitely not from New York. I don’t know very much about either of these subjects but I know that cops are full of stories and a cop from one of the biggest cities in the world has got to have some pretty interesting ones. This book is full of some incredible stories that come from Steve Osborne’s experience as a New York City cop. There are some pretty incredible stories in here about life, love, fear, empathy, and many other things. There is even a great story about how one of New York’s famous “dirty water hotdogs” sparked a life changing event for someone. After reading some of the stuff in the book I thought to myself “this would definitely be called police brutality or harassment today.” The author also has a pretty strong opinion on life that some people might find off putting. You might not agree with Steve Osborne about his life views, cultural or political, but he is honest and bares everything in this book. After reading a heart wrenching story about how he lost his father, it really struck a chord with me because of the way my father passed away. Here is this hardened New York City cop heading a gang unit rounding up some of the toughest criminals out there, breaking down and sharing stories about some of the best and worst times of his life. Steve Osborne is a great story teller. He even gained international recognition while with The Moth storytelling society. Here is a video clip of him telling one of his stories while on tour with The Moth.

If you watched that video, you’re not going to be able to read the book without hearing his voice. I think the really important thing to understand from this book is that everyone has a story that can be told. It takes a lot to share your story. Many of you think that your story is not important enough to be told, but read this book and it will inspire you to maybe try and tell your own story. Storytelling itself is an art form. Some people give too many details that are not relevant or not enough. Some people can tell a story about the most simple things and captivate. Everyone wants to be heard. Check this book out and consider telling your own stories.

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The Job: True Tales from the Life of a New York City Cop

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