Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Belt Review

This particular Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) belt is a Kingz brand belt. It is two inches wide with pearl weave construction. Much wider than belts for kickboxing or Tae Kwon Do. Made from the same “premium” material the Gi is made from.  Is this worth the twenty seven dollars it costs on Amazon? Maybe… most likely not. Several techniques of BJJ and Judo involve using the belt as a place to grip and can be put under a great amount of stress. Have I ever had a belt break or rip on me? No and I’ve never heard of anyone ripping or breaking theirs. But if having the best stuff there out there is important to you here is the link to buy this exact Belt:  I heard once that “Amateurs talk hardware, professionals talk software.” Don’t be that person who has all the latest gear but no skill set to use it well.
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It was originally my wife’s first white belt. This was the very belt she began her journey with. I started training BJJ in 2003 in Gilbert, Arizona. I was really hooked on it. Growing up I played baseball, basketball, soccer, football, Tae Kwon do, Hapkido, and I also pole vaulted and high jumped for my high school track team. There is no other activity like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. More so than any other competitive sport, the playing ground is somewhat even for all participants. Those of small stature and little strength can submit those that are much larger and much stronger. I often hear BJJ is like human chess or a battle of minds. Of course, even the most skilled practitioners of BJJ will have some degree of difficulty with competitors of a leviathan nature. It gave me enough confidence to be my weird self and live the way I wanted to live. I also met many great life long friends in a laid back friendly environment.


Like many white belts in BJJ, life happened to me. Which means I got lazy, I let work, college, family,  or excuses get in the way. I let excuses get in the way. So I never got past my white belt. Figures vary wildly depending on who you ask but in BJJ only 12% make it to blue belt. I have no idea how that math works out but even less make it to brown then black belts.

It wasn’t till 12 years later and I’m twenty five years old that I picked it back up. At my new job they really encouraged ground fighting and grappling. I met a beautiful girl, one of my coworkers who listed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as one of her primary hobbies. So I invited all my co-workers, including her to a after work grappling club where we could informally get together and roll. It worked! She came and we became close friends. I am proud to say today that she is now my wife! We joined the same BJJ academy and since my old Gi and belt were long gone she let me have her old Gi and belt. The Gi you see me wearing in the pictures is a Storm Kimonos Gi. You can check them out here:

Training together has revitalized my BJJ journey. I have competed in competitions with her by my side or competing next to me. So some tips for you if you are just starting or are getting burnt out:

  1. Get a training partner that motivates you.
  2. Be humble and leave your ego at the door. You might lose to someone smaller. Its about how much you learn, not how much to lose.
  3. You can only get better by rolling with a better training partner.
  4. Don’t let your ego prevent you from tapping when you should. You will be out a lot longer if get injured because of your stubbornness.


When you make blue belt, don’t stop training. Blue belt is just a new adventure and an opportunity to start at the bottom again. Train hard and make life long connections. OSS!


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